recovery ramen

yeah, so shoe was feelin' kinda rotten today. like as in a soggy, foggy sack o guts. the last tonkotsu fix had faded, an' the drugs can only do so much. shoe found hisself back in the shibuya. hmmm..

usually shoe likes to dig down on a burger or some other greasy junk when hungover, but today the ramen was going to pull shoe though. shoe cobbled together a kooky plan; 'maybe, just maybe, a thick, nutrient-filled broth of fat and meat will do the trick' shoe thought to hisself as he rumbled down the road, jumpin' into the first ramen joint he laid eyes on.

the ajinotokedai, a sapporo joint on the centa-dori in the 'boo. thick gloppy tonkotsu, wit some o the most dee-lish chashew shoe has shoveled down in some time. it rode the line between shweet n salty, man it was wiggid. after a bowl like this, shoe was a-ready for anything; shuckin' corn, fightin' dogs, pullin' loads, whatever. in the end shoe wandered the 'boo a bit more an bought a couple o books. but man, he was ready for ANYTHING.

a before/after ramen two-shot


shoe was a mess last night. runnin' round town, paintin' it brown, dinae even have time to cram food in his guff. it was like, WAM straight to the beer, of which shoe downed several varieties. so after sloggin' n smokin', shoe stumbled outta the watering hole in the 'boo and went in search o the ramen. no fussin' no hummin an hawin, BAM, innit like. and so the HAKATA.

shoe been down this way befo'. shlorked down the first bowl, an then shlaarked down the kaedama. woof. that was the end of it. ended up tippin' the big ass bowl o sesame seeds onna counter, giving the peeps a show an a good laugh at the clumsy moose let loose.

three shlobby dogs for the hakata

ramen o the rich n famous...sort of

the previous ramen on this ole bolog here was lucky to get a mention. shoe had actually been casing this joint, the akasaka, an had it all wrong when he stepped inta the uglymens place. poor show, shoe. anyhoo, here's the akasaka.

now the akasaka is a perty famous joint, wit all kindsa talentos n sumo wrasslers n sundry 'big shit in j-land' peeps stopping by the main joint in akasaka. the walls are lined wit pics n signatures, and it's just like you gots good ole takanohana there, eatin' a bowl an jawin' away about chanko nabe or slapping poles or whatever sumo guys go on about. shoe was there yonks ago, an spied some comedienne an her attendants way back in the day. oot here in the hachimanyama, it is a different tale. nay prestigious boogers round here, just shoe an the salarymens.

but like y'all care about fame. "let's hear about the bowl, ass!" ya scream. well, muh pretties, akasaka ain't one o' those all flash an no bowl palces. first off, its a pretty bowl. nice balance o colours n toppings, rich lustrous soup n all that junk. shoe gots a tonkotsu mix, and woof! wotta thick ass broth! do not be drinkin this one down all the way, fellas. taste was old school, kinda on that gravy-ish tip at times if you're not paying attention. noodles of the thick n yellow variety. the noodle scooper/flipper/drainer guy was all over the fundamentals, he had skills.

to top it off, the aji-tsuke egg (thats a flavoured egg for ya dummies oot there) was nice n runny like a egg oughta be.

three mortimer mouses for the hachimanyama akasaka. just that one step removed from the big time.

you want a show and dance, or do you want the ramen, ass?

shoe stepped inta another local-type joint, late afternoonish, definitely late lunchy time. in the hachimanyama, the hachiman ramen was just the tonkotsu fix shoe was lookin' for.

pretty casual joint, one step removed from the nameless faceless joints ya see dotting the cityscape. no fevered 'irrrrashhaimaSE!!s' that you be hearing from the more self-important places or barked orders n stuff. just a 'whaddelitbeman' kindof vibe coming from the two boogers running the pans (looked like shoe interrupted a conversation.) shoe went for the 'ramen', seein' as the house specialty was choked with onions and more onions. anyhoo, the porky one got to work fixin the bowl an' the beardly weirdly went about grindin' meat for the gyouza.

the bowl was passable, it's hard to phuck up tonkotsu really. nice hosomen, an' shoe slapped a little benishouga onna top to give it that 'i'm in hakata' joie de vivre. minus points for the wakame an moyashi toppings, but that's just a peccadillo o' the hachiman. servicable, no fuss, journeyman ramen.

three uglymen no-name wrasslers for the hachiman.

the gauntlet is thrown down..

shoe hit the new joint at the soshigaya-ookura eki, just down the street from the spanky new ultraman statue.

the master at kantarou is a kindly soul. kantarou's soup is supposed ta be real hot, wit varying degrees of capsicum. shoe aks-ed for the mid range of the bat, but was warned gently that the soup was already purty hot as is and so mebbe the chuu wasn't the way to go.

scurvy dog! did the master know who he was dealing wit? shoe let it go at that, an conceded the reg'lar.

good toppings here. some nice soboro (thats the ground up meat sthuff for ya dummies oot there) and an onsen egg that melted into the works. kantarou is on the korean tip, wit junk like namuru an kimchee up for grabs as toppings. the soup- hot? well, iffn yer goin ta be a baybee about things, then yeah, it was kinda hot. but shoe done slurped that shit down! an finished off the works wit a mini rice dumped in the extra soup, king koopa stylee.

master checked in halfway thru the bowl to see if we was allright. damn straight, chump! shoe be back for the hot shit when ya bring it! master was also nice enough to give shoe a candy to suck on an a pack o tissues for the ride home. swell!

three runny noses for the kantarou

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